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Your $20 buys a brand new Hudson Super Predator 8+ !!!

Apr 1, 2017


Donate $20 (or more!) to buy a brand new Hudson Super Predator 8+ 

for the Ottawa Rowing Club 

Donate to the Ottawa Rowing Club by clicking this link! 

How does the deal work?

  • The ORC is 150 years old! What better way to ring in 150 years than to buy a new boat? A big one!
  • Gift the Ottawa Rowing Club $20 (or more!) to be used toward the purchase of a Hudson SP 8+. 
  • You share this message with everyone. Your rowing friends, social media peeps, non-rowing friends and family, fellow sports enthusiasts, and complete strangers. Everyone!

What do you get for your donation?

  • You get to purchase the nautical equivalent of a luxury car. Let’s face it you don’t have your dream car yet. Live your dream. For just $20 (or more!). *
  • Get your name on a really big boat (a Hudson Super Predator 8+ to be specific). **
  • Take pictures with ‘your’ boat.
  • Watch ‘your’ boat being built in the SHARK tank at Hudson Boat Works online.
  • Cheer for ‘your’ boat when it races at Canada Summer Games 2017. Yep, ‘your’ boat will race at the Games by Canada’s next Olympians.
  • Give the Ottawa Rowing Club the best 150th birthday present EVER!
  • Bask in the gratitude of hundreds of people who come through the ORC Boathouses. Future Olympians included!

This deal is too good to pass up!

rowing@ottawarowingclub.com | www.ottawarowingclub.com

Ottawa Rowing Club

150 years of commitment to inspiring excellence, 

building a healthy community for all.

* The fine print: your $20 when combined with $20 from 2000 of your friends :). Spread the word!

**More fine print: your name, and the names of all donors will be placed inside the boat where rowers can see it! Get your Henley-Charles-Ontarios-CSSRA and other fav crews to contribute and place your crew names together in the boat!