The ORC is a volunteer, non-profit, organization. Without the help of many volunteers, the ORC will have difficulties in providing the membership with the equipment and programming it requires while keeping program fees down. 



Safety Officer

Full Job Description

ORC strives to make the club a safe environment for all rowers, coaches, staff and guests. We are looking for one or two volunteers to ensure we have all of the equipment we need and are following safety protocol and procedures correctly. Some of the role will include first aid and safety boat inventory, reviewing health and safety policy and ensuring the staff and volunteers are following the policy.

Participating in the ORC community as the Safety Officer will fulfil all Community Involvement points. Please find more information about the position at the link above. If you are interested, please contact ORC administration at


Adult Rowing League Coaches and Planning Assistants

We are looking for 20 volunteers to support 10 ARL teams, with your choice in Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening practices. No previous coaching experience is required, and ARL is a great way to start. Many current ORC coaches have started by coaching an ARL team. What better way to get your community involvement points than to run a team with a friend or two? Get your teammates involved and see who comes out on top during race nights!

ARL is a 10 week program that sees teams of new and experienced rowers learning to row together over 6 weeks and then battling it out between the bridges on 4 Thursday evening race nights. Coaching an ARL crew requires a small commitment of time over 2.5 months, finishing in July before Henley.

 Organizing ARL is no small feat. Many things need to be coordinated to make the program a success and our new ARL Coordinator could use your help! Some of the tasks include:

  • promoting the program
  • sorting participants into teams
  • coordinating the t-shirt order and coach thank-you gifts
  • securing food trucks for race nights and sponsorships
  • planning race nights, including managing volunteers

 If you are interested in coaching or assisting with ARL, please send an email to the ARL Coordinator at

Assistant Program Coaches

Join one of our lead program coaches on the water this season! No experience is required and all coach certification fees will be covered by ORC should you continue coaching at ORC.

With our program numbers expected to grow, the Masters, Club and Senior Men’s program lead coaches could use some extra hands on the water. If you can commit to even just 1-2 morning or evening practices each week, our lead coaches would appreciate it, and so would the athletes!

If you would like to help coach a program, please send an email to ORC Administrator at

Safety Boat Drivers

Safety boats are one of the most crucial elements in providing a safe rowing environment for all of our athletes. With the motorized boat traffic on the river increasing, the importance of extra ORC safety boats has grown. More ORC safety boats on the water allows for better supervision of athletes and visibility of our crews to other motorized boat traffic on the river. All you need is a Pleasure Craft Operators Card (boat license), which ORC can support should you become a regular driver for us. We provide all safety equipment including PFDs.

We are always looking for drivers to join us for all programs. If you are interested in putting your name on the safety boat driver list, please send an email to ORC Administrator, Kim, at

Lead Fundraiser

Full Job Description

At the ORC we believe in the power of genuine human connection through our sport. We are seeking a person to proactively engage with everyday people, tell them about important issues facing the ORC, and inspire them to become financial supporters.  

The Lead Fundraiser will also be responsible for coordinating Grant applications.  This position will be held as a Director at Large on the ORC Board of Directors.