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To ORC members, alumni & the many friends of Brian Adams

Jun 28, 2017

To ORC members, alumni and the many friends of Brian Adams,

Brian has had an enormous impact on the success and character of the ORC during his lengthy tenure with the club. He’s often been the first person that a new member might meet and he’s remained the primary guide for many during their rowing careers.

We’re sad to report that Brian’s health has taken a significant downturn in recent days. Our thoughts, positive vibes and best wishes are with him and his family who love him so during a difficult time and during the weeks and months ahead.

To support Brian, the ORC is creating a large card that will be available for members and friends to write a message to Brian and to sign in the ORC office until July 4. We will deliver the card to Brian. We know all of your positive thoughts and well wishes will be greatly appreciated by Brian and his family.

ORC Staff and Executive Committee