Head of the Rideau results

Here are the race-by-race results for todays Head of the Rideau regatta. The overall winner of the Kandahar Trophy for the most points among university entrants was McGill University.

Race 1 – Men’s single, Varsity men’s single, Varsity lightweight men’s single, Junior men’s single, Masters men’s single, Recreational men’s single — Women’s single,  Varsity women’s single, Varsity lightweight women’s single, Junior women’s single, Masters women’s single, Recreational women’s single

Race 2 – Junior men’s eight, Women’s eight, Master women’s eight, Varsity men’s double, Junior Varsity men’s double, Varsity lightweight men’s double, Junior Varsity women’s double,  Varsity women’s four, Varsity lightweights women’s four, Junior women’s four, Recreational men’s double, Recreational women’s double

Race 3 – Men’s eight, Varsity women’s double, Varsity lightweight women’s double, Varsity men’s four, Varsity lightwe-ght men’s four, Masters men’s double, Masters women’s four. Junior women’s eight, Junior Varsity women’s four, University novice men’s eight

Race 4 – Men’s four, Varsity women’s eight, Varsity lightweight women’s eight, Men’s double, Junior men’s double, Junior Varisyt men’s four, Recreational mixed eight

Race 5 – Varsity men’s eight, Varsity lightweight men’s eight, Women’s four, Junior men’;s four, Women’s double, Master women’s double, Junior women’s double, University novice women’s eight

Race 6 – Women’s double, Junior women’s four, Mixed double, Masters mixed double, Recreational mixed four