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Start your Tuesday with yoga at the ORC!

Sep 18, 2017

Very generously, junior rower parent and yoga instructor, Caroline Elson, has offered to deliver a yoga class on Tuesday mornings in the ORC boathouse. This yoga class is open to members of the ORC who may not be rowing in the early mornings and to the many parents that drop off their rowers in the morning for practice and wait in their cars (you AMAZING parents!). Details are below from Caroline…

I am Caroline Elson, an avid and experienced Yoga instructor and a new mom to rowing. As I now find myself at the club at early mornings, I believe it is a perfect time for yoga; I am wondering if would like to join me for a morning yoga class on Tuesdays at 5:45-6:45am in the new boathouse?

I teach in the hatha tradition- vinyasa style. The class will accommodate all levels and focus on core strength and stretching.

Class will be in drop in format, with donations for the class going to the rowing club. Suggested donation 15$

Registration and liability forms will be signed for first time drop in.

Imagine starting your day feeling stretched and relaxed at the river!

So, pack up your yoga mat and leave it at the front door, ready for Tuesday mornings. We’ll see you at 5:45am.

Huge THANKS to Caroline for getting us ready to greet a new day.