ORC News

Shorter Weekend Hours & Preparing to Close for Winter

Oct 15, 2018

With the colder weather here, we are shortening our weekend hours, but just a little!  Starting Saturday, Oct 20 we will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 7am to 12pm.  Weekday hours remain the same for now.

The water at the ORC will be turned off on Monday, October 29 in the morning.  It may be turned off sooner if temperatures consistently drop below zero.  We will keep you updated.  The club closing and dock removal is scheduled for Saturday, November 3 beginning at 8am.  This is a floating date and it may be moved to a later date depending on weather and water conditions.  We will post an update closer to the date, along with a details (i.e job assignments) for the club closing and dock removal day.