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Remembering Our Unforgettable Brian Adams

Jul 23, 2018

It was one year ago today that our hearts broke…remembering our unforgettable Brian Adams who left us far too soon.

Thank you to ORC member, Lilianne Page, for this collection of joyful memories of Brian with his ORC family: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Wtn7kyjsB9ml1c23OgQ2F5nadpfmLUYt/view.

The ORC’s Club Manager and Boatman, Brian Adams, made the ORC his home away from home and our members his extended family. Below a sometimes tough and gruff exterior, he was a gentle soul who lived many lives before coming to the ORC some 15 years ago and staying until he left us far too soon and heartbroken on July 23, 2017. It is our intention to remember the one of a kind, funny, proud individual that he was and to emulate the goodness and dedication he brought to the ORC family and the rowing community.

The Brian Adams’ Memorial Fund
Brian Adams was not only the ORC’s Club Manager and Boatman for many years; he was also a cherished friend, coach, rower and volunteer. Brian left us far too soon on July 23, 2017 after a battle with cancer but he will always be part of the ORC family and legacy. Brian gave a whole lot of his life to the ORC touching every boat, oar, dock, and every other imaginable piece of equipment to keep our crews doing what they love to do. He also grew a garden at the ORC that everyone admired, especially our lightweights who loved his tomato plants that he grew for them each season.

The ORC created the Brian Adams’ Memorial Fund in memory of our dear Brian. Contributions are used to buy equipment that keep our rowers and coaches on the water where Brian would love them to be and to keep our garden – his happy place – growing and flourishing just as he’d love and wish for us all to do in life.

Anyone can contribute to the Fund by clicking here.

All of us at the ORC, as well as Brian’s family and many friends, thank you and pass along a hug and a smile. Brian thanks you too with a smile, handshake and a cheer with a fine glass of wine.

Rest easy, Brian. We think of you often.