2023 Registration Open March 2,2023


Both steps must be completed to be registered! 

*Athletes under 18yrs must be registered by a parent or guardian.


Step One

Register with Rowing Canada Aviron (RowOntario simultaneously)

Every rower must register with Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) and Row Ontario (RO). This membership is a one time annual membership $58.17 for insurance. After registering on the RCA website, you will be automatically forwarded to the ORC (STEPTWO) registration system where payment will occur. There is no payment in STEP ONE.

Here are the detailed registration instructions:

  1. Log in to your Rowing Canada member account or create a new account if you don’t have one. Account must be in the name of the person rowing.
  2. Once you are on the Rowing Canada Dashboard : click on the red Join a Program button
  3. Select the Province (Ontario) and the Organization (Ottawa Rowing Club)
  4. Once you see the program page for 2023 Rowing Canada and Row Ontario memberships click Join.
  5. Follow through to the bottom and Accept.
  6. It will appear like you will have to pay but you DO NOT pay on Rowing Canada Website. Instead, you be forwarded to the ORC Amilia System for payment which is STEP TWO.
  7. Your RCA/RO membership is pending until activated
  8. Once activated you will receive an email with your RCA number.

Step Two

Register on the ORC’s online registration system: Amilia

You can go into Amilia at anytime throughout the season to check out availability of programs prior to registering. After registering for your desired ORC program you will pay the ORC program fee plus HST and the $58.17 RCA/RO membership fee (STEP ONE).

Are you using Amilia for the first time?

  • From STEP ONE you should have been forwarded to the ORC Amilia Website. However, you can always go directly to the ORC Amilia system STEP TWO at any time to check program availability on instructional classes or add your name to a waiting list.
  • You will need to set up an account in Amilia when registering for the first time.
  • Create an account for yourself and each member of your family if you are registering for more than one person.
  • The Amilia account allows you to enter information about family members when it is set up — saving you from having to repeat that step with every program purchase! Keeps a history of the programs you or your family have registered in.
  • You will always have access to your invoices and receipts
  • You can update your profile information should you change your email address or if health conditions need to be updated.
  • You will be invoiced for the Program fees and the RCA/RO fee (if applicable) at the time of payment
  • After registering, All ORC memebrs are required to do the ORC Safety Training

Experiencing difficulties registering? Email or call 613-241-1120. We’re here to help.