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ORC Safety Training

May 17, 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Ottawa Rowing Club safety training!

This year the ORC is piloting an online delivery of its safety training, in accordance with Row Ontario guidelines and COVID-19 protocols. If you have any questions regarding safety training delivery please contact Zak Lewis, Head Coach at zak@ottawarowingclub.com

Completion of this safety training is mandatory for all club members (new and returning) prior to being able to row in the 2021 rowing season.

You must obtain a score of (18/23) points in order to have passed the safety training.

There is no limit to the number of attempts, but you must obtain at least one passing score prior to being allowed on the water.

Your coach will receive confirmation of who has successfully completed their safety training and will deny rowing privileges until confirmation has been received.

The safety training consists of 4 parts that include a lesson and a short quiz.


*Part 1: General Club Safety
*Part 2: Equipment Care
*Part 3: Rowing and COVID-19 Safety
**Part 4: Rowing Canada Safety Video – If you are a returning member this section will NOT appear

*Mandatory for all club members, new and returning
**Mandatory only for new club members

ORC Safety Training