ORC Policies and Rules



Boathouse Rules:

Remember to be mindful of others’ equipment. There’s no such thing as moving someone’s equipment without affecting others. If someone’s equipment is impeding access to yours, please leave a note to the other member – it’s the only way to come to a friendly solution.

Slings and Stairs:

Please remember to return slings and stairs to where they are normally kept in the large boathouse. One or two sets of slings are often kept with the singles, but there are far more people who need these, and the stairs, in the large boathouse.



At times, space can be limited in the ORC parking lot.  Please follow these steps to ease congestion and to ensure the safety of all members:

  1. Parking is included in ORC memberships. All members who are parking a car in the ORC lot must display an ORC parking sticker in the front left hand corner of their windshield.   Members can get an ORC parking sticker from the ORC office between April and November of each year.
  2. Keep the laneway into the parking lot open right down to the new boathouse for emergency vehicles. That means there must be a route wide enough for fire trucks and ambulances down through the entire parking lot and no vehicles can be blocking the roadway in front the barrier and then down in front of the boathouses.
  3. Please respect the parking spots reserved for adaptive athletes.
  4. Please park carefully between the yellow lines. Straddling the lines means your car takes up space that could be occupied by two cars. Please check when you park to be sure you are only taking up one spot.
  5. Please be mindful of your speed as your enter the laneway and approach the parking lot. Many of our members arrive on foot or by bike and we want to make sure they arrive safely.  Please keep an eye out while driving the parking lot and entering a parking spot.

Spots in the upper parking lot are allocated to government employees. Cars can be parked along the river side of the upper roadway past the entrance to the club to pick up athletes in the morning. We must not park in the lined spaces in the upper lots as they are designated for government employees.