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ORC Flood Update

May 8, 2017

We want to express deep thanks to all who have reached out during the flood situation, offering help, encouraging words and expressions of support. The rowing family is a strong, tight-knit one, which we are so grateful for.

Our thoughts and hearts go out to all who have and continue to be affected by this devastating flood. Homes have been lost, lives have been impacted tremendously and tears have been shed. It is a very challenging time for many.

The ORC remains closed. The flood waters have breached both ORC boathouses and is too deep to navigate safely. Staff and volunteers are monitoring the situation. Prior to the flood waters increasing to the current level, boats were moved to higher ground, as best we could and where we were able.

We expect the River to peak today or tomorrow and then for the waters to recede slowly in the days to come. Once the water is at a level where we can access our parking lot and buildings, a widespread call for volunteers will be issued. We will need many, many volunteers, likely working in shifts, to help clean up our grounds and boathouses. It will take patience, a lot of hard work and sweat, and some cooperation from Mother Nature.

The ORC’s Tulip Regatta on May 13 on Dow’s Lake and our dock installation on May 14 have been postponed.

We know it’s hugely disappointing that our spring programs are not yet on the water. For those who have registered for spring programs, particularly our high school rowers, arrangements are being made to extend your spring rowing season. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The ORC has stood proud and beautiful on the shores of the mighty Ottawa River for 150 years and it will continue to do so for another 150 years. Our community is resourceful, compassionate, dedicated, self sacrificing and proud. We know we will come out of this challenging time as strong as ever.

We can’t wait for that first row on the River.