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Make History! Add Your Name to a New Hudson 8+

Sep 6, 2017

Make history with the ORC! We’re 150 years old this year and we’re marking the occasion with a brand new Hudson Super Predator 8+! This isn’t any 8+…it’s the Kinoje, sleek and fast like the Northern Pike that makes the Ottawa River its home.  Team Ontario will race it at the 2017 Canada Games, then the Kinoje will be added to the ORC’s fleet, making a huge difference to our athletes who train so hard and race to win.

Donate $20 or more and you can have your name added to the new 8+. Your name on the boat will be part of 150 years of history at the ORC, and you can bask in the gratitude of ORC athletes who will be able row fast.

Donate by clicking here!