ORC News

Latest Flood Update

Apr 23, 2019

The Ottawa River has risen since our last update of April 20th. It is possible that it will rise at least another foot in the next day or two. A lot depends on the snowmelt and rain forecast.

Our dock installation and club clean up has been moved to Saturday, May 4th and the spring ergatta originally scheduled for May 4th will be cancelled or possibly moved to another date (TBD). Note that the May 4th date for installation is very tentative and we just have to see what the next week brings. Another update will be provided as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this.

This is a really challenging time for many in Ottawa and the surrounding communities. Homes are at risk, some have already been affected by the flooding and we’re holding hope that the water level will not rise and will instead recede as soon as possible. Our thoughts and hearts go out to all who have been working hard to prepare for possible flooding and who are being affected by the flooding. 

A big THANK YOU to all who have reached out offering help, support and words of encouragement. There are couple of ways to help as we wait this out:

We do not know if or what damage we may sustain. This is a challenging time for our non-profit operations. We are gratefully accepting financial contributions. Tax receipts will be issued for donations issued to the ORC via the National Sport Trust Fund – Ontario. Below are donation links to two ORC fundraising initiatives. Donations to Let’s Row Ottawa support equipment and general operating expenses. Donations to Shell Out for Shells support investment in rowing shells. By giving though one of these links you will receive a tax receipt:

Let’s Row Ottawa: http://www.sport4ontario.ca/lro.html

Shell Out for Shells: http://www.sport4ontario.ca/sofs.html

When the water level recedes enough that we can install our docks and clean up from the flood, we will need many, many volunteers to help. We will put a call out when that time comes. It will take many hard hours to put things back in place. These hours will be easier with well fed and cared for volunteers. We are grateful accepting donations of food, baked goods, beverages (i.e, water, juice) to help fuel the clean up that’s to come. If you are in a position to donate this way please reach out to melissa@ottawarowingclub.com.

Thank you to all who contribute to our rowing family. The rowing community is an incredibly strong, tight-knit one, for which we are so grateful.