ORC News

Important Safety Reminder: ORC Parking Lot & Lady Grey Drive

Oct 15, 2018

We want to remind all of our members of the following important safety points:

  • if you are walking or riding your bike in the dark, please put lights on!  It makes it really difficult for others, especially drivers to see you if you are without lights.  Be safe and use personal and bike lights to make yourself visible.
  • take extra care in the ORC parking lot.  It’s not a big space and it’s busy in the early mornings, evening and weekends.  Please take extra care and slow down whether you’re driving or riding a bike.  If driving, park in designated parking spots and leave enough space for other vehicles to get in and out.  DO NOT park in front of the large garbage bin.  If you’re biking slow down when coming in to the parking lot (don’t fly down the hill) and dismount from your bike at the red gate near the old boathouse.  Walk your bike to a bike rack.
  • take extra care when entering and existing the ORC laneway (whether you are on bike, in car, or walking).  Lady Grey Drive may be a small street but there is vehicle traffic and large truck traffic going to and from the Mint.  We need to share the road with others.  Stop at the top of our laneway and look both ways before moving onto Lady Grey.  Same applies when coming down the bike path to cross Lady Grey to the ORC entrance.  It is your responsibility to stop and look before moving onto Lady Grey Drive.  Please do not block or walk or bike in the centre of Lady Grey Drive.  Stay to one side.
  • cold water rules are not yet in effect.  When they do take effect (when the water temp is 10C or less) we will send a note out and post notice on our website.  A red and blue flag will hang outside the second, larger boathouse.
  • personal lights and whistles are required on the water.  Wear one.  Lights can be purchased in the office for $15 (cash or cheque).
  • don’t be a hero and think you won’t get cold and/or wet.  Dress for the conditions.  Wear extra layers and bring a change of clothes with you to practice.

Be smart when it comes your safety and the safety of others please.  Our priority is to have a successful, fun, safe fall season for all, on the water and off.  Thank you for your help!