HOTR Regatta

HEAD OF THE RIDEAU REGATTA – Sunday Sept 26, 2021

The HOTR Regatta has been sanctioned as of Sept 7th, 2021 and will be on Regatta Central for registration.

HOTR Race Package Course Explanations HOTR DRAW HOTR COVID Protocol
  • To participate in this Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) sanctioned regatta, all competitors must be in good standing with their national and provincial (or territorial) rowing associations in 2019.


Singles: $40 (HST included)

Doubles: $55 (HST included)

Fours: $80 (HST included)

Eights: $95 (HST included)

* The RCA/RO per seat fees are in addition to the above entry fees. The per seat fees will be added to your invoice in Regatta Central.

  • Entries from all universities are subject to a single administrative fee of $565.00 (HST included), which covers one entry in each OUA university event. Additional entries may be purchased at the rates referenced above. The single administrative fee does NOT include the RCA/RO per seat fees.
  • Any boat, university or individual that scratches an event after entries are closed on September 17 th 11:59am (midnight) will be charged a flat scratch fee of $60 per entry (in addition to the entry fee). Late entries may be accepted after the entry deadline closes if the program allows. A late fee of $60 per entry applies (in addition to the entry fee) to all entries submitted after September 17th, 11:59am (noon).
  • Crew name changes will be accepted until 11:59am (noon) on Friday, September 24
  • The Coaches` meeting will be at 7 am. All coaches will be provided with further information. Check out Course Explanations
  • Weigh-ins: Lightweight events at the regatta will not include weigh-ins to minimize contact during COVID. All crew weights are on the honour system.
  • In mixed events, the crew (excluding the coxswain) shall have at least one woman and one man.
  • Coaches must inform dock marshal of any boats or rowers, which will be participating in back-to-back races. It is the responsibility of the crews to make it up to the start prior to course closing.
  • Faster crews have the right-of-way in safe passing zones of the course, therefore all slower crews MUST yield to faster crews; failure to do so may result in a penalty at the discretion of the umpires. All coaches and athletes must familiarize themselves with the course to identify safe passing zones.
  • There will be a clearly marked buoy in the south end of Mooney’s Bay to separate the holding area (on the west side) and the racing lane (on the east side). Boats that fail to pass between the buoy and the eastern shore of Mooney’s Bay will be assessed a 30 second penalty.
  • All racers must finish the race with their boat passing between the finish-line buoy markers. Boats that do not finish the race between the finish-line buoy markers will be assessed a 30 second penalty.
  • The traffic pattern for the route to the start line and during practice times is always starboard oar to shore. The 5km start zone flow pattern is clockwise.
  • While every attempt will be made to minimize interactions, the Rideau Waterway remains publicly open. All coaches and athlete must familiarize themselves with the regatta Emergency Action and First Aid plan.
  • Awards will be presented to the winners of each event provided there is a minimum of two boats in that category and to the university men’s and women’s team accumulating the highest number of points.

All age categories are based on competitor’s age as of December 31, 2019. While identification will not be verified when launching boats, upon request, government identification must be produced.

  • Juniors: Under 19 years of age
  • Masters: average boat age (calculated in Regatta Central), no age-adjusted time system: (21 to 49 years of age (AA-C) ; 50 to 59 years of age (D-E);  60 years of age + (F-L))
  • Varsity: Ontario University Athletics (OUA) requirements and categories will be used
  • Novice (university): rowers must be in their first year of competition.


COVID Protocol 

  • The HOTR Competition site are all of the grounds, parking lot and docks surrounding the Rideau Canoe Club. The Covid Protocols apply tho the HOTR competition Site.
  • All participants, coaches, volunteers must register upon arrival. Bring Identification and do your Covid Screening on Site. You will be given a bracelet upon registration that must be worn at all times, either on wrist or ankle. Control Commision will not let rowers on the water if they have not checked in at registration.
  • ONLY Athletes and coaches are allowed on the HOTR Competition Site
  • Masks must be worn at all times on the HOTR Competition site, unless sitting and eating 2m away from others.
  • NO spectators allowed on the HOTR Competition Site. Spectators can watch races on the Mooney’s Bay (beach) side of the beach
  • Read all Covid Protocols in document found in the link at the top of th epage.




  • Launch: 7:35
  • Course Open: 7:35
  • Launch Closed: 8:10

 3Km Race Start: 8:30

1.01 RM1x (3km) Rec Men’s Single

1.02 RW1x (3km) Rec Women’s Single

5km Race Start:8:45

1.03 M1x Men’s Single

1.04 VM1x Varsity Men’s Single

1.05 LM1x Lightweight Men’s Single

1.06 LVM1x Varsity Lightweight Men’s Single

1.07 U19M1x U19 Men’s Single

1.08 MM1x Master’s Men’s Single (21 to 49)

1.09 MM1x Master’s Men’s Single (50 to 59)

1.10 MM1x Master’s Men’s Single (60+)

1.11 W1x Women’s Single

1.12 VW1x Varsity Women’s Single

1.13 LW1x Lightweight Women’s Single

1.14 LVW1x Varsity Lightweight Women’s Single

1.15 U19W1x U19 Women’s Single

1.16 MW1x Master’s Women’s Single (21 to 49)

1.17 MW1x Master’s Women’s Single (50 to 59)

1.18 MW1x Master’s Women’s Single (60+)

Finish: 9:45



  • Launch: 8:55 
  • Course Open: 9:45
  • Launch Closed:9:45

3km Race Start: 10:05

2.01 U19W4x+ (3km) U19 Women’s (coxed) Quad

2.02 RX4+ (3km) Rec Mixed (coxed) Four

5km Race Start: 10:15

2.03 VM8+ Varsity Men’s Eight

2.04 LVM8+ Varsity Lightweight Men’s Eight

2.05 U19M8+ U19 Men’s Eight

2.06 W8+ Women’s Eight

2.07 MW8+ Masters Women’s Eight

2.08 JVM2x Junior Varsity Men’s Double

2.09 JVW2x Junior Varsity Women’s Double

2.10 VW4+ Varsity Women’s (coxed) Four

2.11 LVW4+ Varsity Lightweight Women’s (coxed) Four

Finish: 11:15



  • Launch: 10:40 
  • Course Open: 11:15
  • Launch Closed: 11:30

3km Race Start: 11:50

3.01 NM8+ (3km) (University) Novice Men’s Eight

5km Race Start:12:00

3.02 M8+ Men’s Eight

3.03 VM2x Varsity Men’s Double

3.04 LVM2x Varsity Lightweight Men’s Double

3.05 VW2x Varsity Women’s Double

3.06 LVW2x Varsity Lightweight Women’s Double

3.07 MM2x Masters Men’s Double

3.08 U19W8+ U19 Women’s Eight

3.09 MW4+ Master’s Women’s (coxed) Four

3.10 JVW4+ Junior Varsity Women’s (coxed) Four

Finish: 13:00



  • Launch: 12:25 
  • Course Open: 13:00
  • Launch Closed: 13:15

3km Race Start: 13:35

4.01 RX8+ (3km) Recreational Mixed Eight

4.02 U19M4x+ (3km) U19 Men’s (coxed) Quad

5km Race Start:13:45

4.03 VW8+ Varsity Women’s Eight

4.04 LVW8+ Varsity Lightweight Women’s Eight

4.05 VM4+ Varsity Men’s (coxed) Four

4.06 LVM4+ Varsity Lightweight Men’s (coxed) Four

4.07 M4+ Men’s (coxed) Four

4.08 JVM4+ Junior Varsity Men’s (coxed) Four

4.09 M2x Men’s Double

4.10 W2x Women’s Double

4.11 U19W2x U19 Women’s Double

Finish: 14:45



  • Launch: 14:10 
  • Launch Closed: 15:00
  • Course Open: 14:45

3km Race Start:15:20

5.01 NW8+ (3km) (University) Novice Women’s

5.02 RM2x (3km) Recreational Men’s Double

5.03 RW2x (3km) Recreational Women’s Double

5.04 RM2x (3km) Recreational Mixed Double

5km Race Start: 15:30

5.05 MM8+ Masters Men’s Eight

5.06 W4+ Women (coxed) Four

5.07 U19M4+ U19 Men’s (coxed) Four

5.08 MM4+ Masters Men’s (coxed) Four

5.09 U19W4+ U19 Women’s (coxed) Four

5.10 MW2x Masters Women’s Double

5.11 U19M2x U19 Men’s Double

5.12 X2x Mixed Double

Finish: 16:30