ORC News

Flood Update

Apr 20, 2019

The scenario we found ourselves in, in Spring 2017, has returned. The Ottawa River has risen above its banks and the Ottawa Rowing Club is flooded.

Due to significant rainfall and melting snow the Ottawa River has swelled and has now reached our historic, old Boathouse. It will be a few days before the River peaks so we don’t know how high the water will rise. In May 2017 we experienced significant flooding. The Ottawa River Regulation Authority predicts the peak will be less than what it was in May 2017. However, predictions are approximate only and come with a high degree of uncertainty. More snowmelt runoff and precipitation will contribute to sustained high levels and flow for a period of time. The Ottawa River Regulation Authority provides forecasted updates and we are keeping an eye on those updates. You can view them here: http://ottawariver.ca/forecast.php

We want to express deep thanks to the volunteers who assisted with some flood preparation on Good Friday. You are amazing!

Our thoughts and hearts go out to all who have been working hard to prepare for possible flooding and who are being affected by the flooding.

We remain closed. Staff and volunteers are monitoring the situation. Prior to the flood waters increasing to the current level, boats were moved to higher ground and docks and other equipment tied down, as best we could and where we were able. We will provide updates on dock installation and clean up efforts as they come available.

When water levels recede and we can move forward with our dock installation and clean up, a widespread call for volunteers will be issued. We will need many, many volunteers to help clean up our grounds and boathouses. It will take patience, a lot of hard work and sweat, along with some cooperation from Mother Nature.

We do not know if or what damage we may sustain. This is a challenging time for our non-profit operations. We are gratefully accepting financial contributions. Tax receipts will be issued for donations issued to the ORC via the National Sport Trust Fund – Ontario. Below are donation links to two ORC fundraising initiatives. Donations to Let’s Row Ottawa support equipment and general operating expenses. Donations to Shell Out for Shells support investment in rowing shells. By giving though one of these links you will receive a tax receipt:

Let’s Row Ottawa: http://www.sport4ontario.ca/lro.html

Shell Out for Shells: http://www.sport4ontario.ca/sofs.html

Thank you to all who contribute to our rowing family. The rowing community is an incredibly strong, tight-knit one, for which we are so grateful.

The ORC has stood proud and beautiful on the shores of the mighty Ottawa River for 150 years and it will continue to do so for another 150 years. Our community is resourceful, compassionate, dedicated, self sacrificing and proud – which saved us after the May 2017 flooding. We came out of that time as strong as ever, and this time will be no different.

We can’t wait for that first row on the River.