The ORC is a volunteer, non-profit, organization. Without the help of many volunteers the ORC will have difficulties in providing the membership with the equipment and programming it requires.


Lead Fundraiser

Full Job Description

At the ORC we believe in the power of genuine human connection through our sport. We are seeking a person to proactively engage with everyday people, tell them about important issues facing the ORC, and inspire them to become financial supporters.  

The Lead Fundraiser will also be responsible for coordinating Grant applications.  This position will be held as a Director at Large on the ORC Board of Directors.

ORC is seeking beginner and qualified coaches.

If you are interested to find out more information please contact the Head Coach Zak Lewis, at zak@ottawarowingclub.com.

Please consider signing up for a volunteer position by click on the link below. The Head Coach or Volunteer Co-ordinator will get in contact with you.

Here is a list of other volunteer positions that the club could use help with.

  • Junior Chaperone
  • Nosh Table Organization
  • Community Outreach
  • Alumni Coordinator
  • Banquet Committee
  • Henley Send Off Committee
  • Club Social Event Coordinator
  • Regatta Hosting
  • Coach Boat Driver
  • Coaching
  • Fund Raising/Grant Writing Committee
  • Strategic Planning Team
  • Equipment Maintenance (Rowing)
  • Coach Boat Maintenance
  • Gas Tank Filling
  • Dock Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance
  • Safety Officer (ensure adequate equipment in coach boats, first aid supplies, etc)