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Apr 6, 2022

The Ottawa Rowing Club (ORC) is a not-for-profit sports organization established in 1867 to provide rowing instruction for participants of all ages.  The ORC is comprised of a volunteer Executive Committee, volunteers and paid employees.  From April to November, the ORC operates from its boathouses on the Ottawa River.  In the off-season, the ORC membership trains at an indoor satellite location.

The ORC provides coaching to rowers in competitive or sport rowing programs, as well as introductions to the sport through Discover Rowing Youth Summer Camps, Adult Learn-to-Row, and the Adult Rowing League.  Local high schools and universities train and race out of the ORC.

The ORC offers instructional programs for both youth and adults.  Both are introduced to the basics of rowing technique and complementary cross training activities.

Instructors are responsible for the programming, balancing safety with the individual and group needs of the rowers.  Success is measured by improved rowing technique amongst participants, enjoyment and positive feedback from participants, increased enrolment, and the transition of instructional participants into further ORC programs.

ORC Job Opportunities