The story of the Ottawa Rowing Club is steeped in history. Founded in 1867, Canada’s oldest rowing club is a non-profit, volunteer-driven, community organization. Its founding father was Sir John A. Macdonald and it has been in existence for more than 150 years.

The ORC’s story isn’t just a story of early hours and intense training to go fly on water. The ORC – and the sport of rowing – is about committing to a communal goal larger than any one person. It’s about team. It’s about giving heart and soul in pursuit of something great, something special, meaningful, inclusive and for many, life changing. While the ORC has always been and is still is today driven by the big, warm hearts of volunteers and rowers who make it a mission to strengthen and unite our greater community one stroke, and one smile, at a time; it is built on resources made possible by the generosity of sponsors, donors, partners and people like you. Rowing shells, blades, docks, motor boats, dryland training equipment and essential tools for our volunteer coaches are critical to our mission.

We are gratefully accepting donations to support our non profit club. Tax receipts will be issued for donations given to the ORC via the National Sport Trust Fund – Ontario. Below is a donation link to the ORC fundraising initiative. Donations to Everyone Can Row will include funding the procurement of new rowing shells, oars, rowing machines and coach boats and motors as well as supporting our various rowing programs. The project will also enable us to employ and train coaches to run our programs and to give members the best rowing experience possible.  By giving though this link you will receive a tax receipt and you will make a big difference:

Everyone Can Row:—ottawa-rowing-club.html

For more information please contact

Thank you for contributing. Our community is an incredibly strong, tight-knit one, for which we are so grateful.