ORC News

Dock Removal and Club Closing on November 10

Oct 29, 2018

Our dock removal and club closing will take place on Saturday, November 10, beginning at 8am.  This is a giant task that requires help from many.  Please make yourself available that morning to contribute.

Jobs that day are assigned:

Peter Thompson, Stewart Taylor, Greg Brown, and Junior Men

  • Dismantle, remove, stack docks,
  • Clean up grounds,
    • Move tables and chairs stored outside into old boathouse, upstairs,
    • Empty blue bins and move under old and new boathouse outside stairs,
    • Move and stack traffic cones under old and new boathouse outside stairs,
    • Remove dock lights.

Junior Women & Andrew Thompson

  • Dismantle boat repair shed,
  • Bring coach boat contents and safety equipment to second floor,
  • Hang safety vests on clothesline,
  • Move equipment from garden shed inside at the back of old boathouse,

Paul Hawksworth and University Men and Women

  • Move boats inside
    • Derig all boats stored outside,
    • Derig 3 8+s on top racks inside,
    • Derig all 4x & 4+ stored inside,
    • Move outside 2x & 1x upstairs,
    • Double rack all 4+, 4x,
    • Double rack 8+s on top racks
    • Derig all indoor 1x
    • Bring all riggers upstairs
  • Storage in boathouse bays

Melissa McKenzie

  • Oversee packing up office


  • Equipment inventory
    • Boats,
    • Riggers,
    • Blades,
    • Safety kits,
    • Suits & life jackets,
    • Boat ladders,
    • Check safety boat lights working,
    • Count batteries and chargers, etc
  • Clean out change room lockers in both boathouses
  • Sort lost and found
  • Office cleanup

Please remember:

  • Bring warm clothes and your work gloves
  • Bring water
  • There will be no parking in the lower parking lot