All information pertaining to the ORC and COVID-19, including updates and the ORC’s Return to Rowing protocol:

Covid-19 and ORC: Update 1 (March 16)

Covid-19 and ORC: Update 2 (March 19)

Covid-19 and ORC: Update 3 (March 24)

Bring two masks in a plastic bag. Bring a second plastic sealable bag  for dirty masks and put a tissue or object in it that identifies it as “dirty”.
Put a mask on before coming to the club.
Remove once in boat and place in the “dirty” bag. Do not touch the outside surface of mask.
Put a second clean mask on before returning from the row. 
Hand hygiene before and after putting mask on or taking mask off.  Alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 
Place of used mask in “dirty” bag.
DO NOT RE-USE MASKS that are dirty.
If masks are washable, wash in hot water and detergent. Hot dryer if possible too. If single use, dispose in covered garbage.
Removing gloves, if used, is also likely to contaminate the hands. It’s important to use hand sanitizer after removal of gloves.