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Covid-19 and the ORC: Update 7

Jun 4, 2020

To The Ottawa Rowing Club Community,

This past week the club has successfully piloted morning rowing sessions with our junior and senior competitive programs using the staggered launch times. Subsequently, last week the club’s leadership team met to discuss current procedures and possible improvements to improve efficiency and continue to provide a high standard to care for our member’s well being. Due to the success of the aforementioned pilot sessions and the understanding gained by the club of the necessary safety protocols we are aiming to broaden our spectrum of rowers again this coming week.

Starting Monday June 8th, the club will be open for rowers training with the competitive programs and for members who have access to a private hull. As the club is still limited exclusively to small boat rowing (singles unless living together) these two member groups have a high degree of uniform competency in singles and are small enough in numbers that it allows us to manage launching times as we continue to hone our process. Private singles owners will have two launch periods during the week from Monday to Friday where they may sign up ahead of time to row. One wave will be at 5:10am and the other will be at 6:30am. A reminder that we are only able to accommodate 5 people launching in each wave so it is important to add your name to the sign up sheet ahead prior to coming down to the club. Rowers who show up without signing up ahead of time will not be granted access to the club or the docks. The link for private boat owners to sign up for rowing times can be found on the COVID-19 tab on the ORC website under “Private Boat Booking” or at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeh8q9XTkrLRIe8bKgHc04k8RlcxmMiigSyqiNJSN2zzVZu2w/viewform

Competitive rowers will continue launch at 5:30am, 5:50am, and 6:10am with boat allocation and wave allotment being coordinated by each program’s respective coaches.

Moving forward we are aiming on expanding our rowing times to include weekends and evenings to accommodate a large portion of our membership. The club is working towards getting five Masters out in singles on Monday and Wednesday evening and five Recreational rowers (coach selected) on Tuesday and Thursday evening. The proposed start date for these sessions is Monday, June 15th but will be confirmed in the prior week’s club update. In the following weeks more Masters and Recreational members will be able to row on each of the given days as more waves can be added if protocols are being adhered to. The club hopes to eventually offer sessions for Learn to Row members if feasible in July.

Registration is now open on the ORC website to members able to row a single (or living together to row a crew boat). Given that there will be no summer regattas this year the executive has elected to offer the option to register for Rec Rowing exclusively. The registration link can be found at: https://www.amilia.com/store/en/ottawarowingclub/shop/programs

Please note that the club has modified its refund policy due to the current circumstances to include an administrative fee for members who request a refund after registering. More info can be found on our webpage.

Rowers needing to attend an ORC safety session can do so next Monday evening (June 8th) at 7pm. ZOOM details attached at bottom. Please remember that these sessions are required prior to getting on the water.

Lastly, thanks to all of our members and their families for being so supportive of the club during this unprecedented time. Your gratitude, patience, and willingness to help are such huge components of what makes our community. We are looking forward to getting everyone back down to the club and on the water and are working tirelessly to do so in a safe and efficient manner. To stay up to date follow us on social media or check out our website in addition to receiving your weekly email update. More news coming soon!

Topic: ORC Safety Session #3
Time: Jun 8, 2020 07:00 PM Ottawa

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