Boat Storage

Private Boat Storage

The ORC has the Andy Binda Boathouse bays dedicated to the storage of privately owned rowing shells, as well as, outdoor rackage if indoor rackage is not possible.  Rackage fees for privately owned shells are due by April 1 and must be paid using the online registration system. 

Rackage is limited. All private boat owners holding a rackage spot at the club must register in a full Recreational or Competitive program and be in good standing with Rowing Canada and Row Ontario. It must be noted that boats not rowed regularly may be moved to a less convenient storage spot, to allow members rowing regularly more convenient spots.

Please review the Rackage Policy in the ORC Policy Manual Rowing is Our Business

Anyone wishing a one year sabbatical from their rack spot in the Andy Binda Boathouse must notify Stewart Taylor, Head of Rackage Committee, with request in writing – and pay rackage fees – by the April 1 deadline. This guarantees storage (not a specific rack spot) of the boat for the year.  

The ORC is not responsible for insuring private boats against theft or damage.

If you wish to inquire about storage, please email Stewart Taylor.

Rackage Fee

  • Indoor Rackage $387 (plus HST)
  • Outdoor Secured $286 (plus HST)
  • Outdoor Unsecure $122 (plus HST)