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A new way of reporting incidents at the ORC

Jun 21, 2016

Safety is everyone’s responsibility both on the water and around the club. A vital part of ensuring we have a safe environment is reporting incidents when they take place. We need to know what happened and why, right away so we can take whatever steps are necessary to ensure any problems are addressed quickly and completely.

That means we need all members to fill out the new online incident report (you can find it here) whenever anything happens. Take a moment and bookmark the report location so you can find it if something happens that you need to report. If you aren’t sure whether to report an incident, please take the time to do it.  We would rather have too many reports than to discover something happened a week later

Creating those records will help us keep track of things that occur around the club and also give us the data we need to ensure the ORC continues to be a safe environment for everyone.

Thanks in advance to everyone for your co-operation.