Para rowing is sweep rowing or sculling for people with physical or intellectual disabilities, including hearing impairment, paraplegia, quadriplegia, Down’s syndrome, blindness, visual impairment, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and spina bifida. There are three sport classes offered within para rowing, they are:

  • Legs, Trunk, and Arms (LTA);
  • Trunk, and Arms (TA); and
  • Arms, and Shoulders (AS).

Para rowing is not new to the rowing community, previously named ‘adaptive rowing’, it has been offered at many clubs around the world for over twenty years.

Basic techniques of para rowing are the same as rowing for the able-bodied.

Participants learn the elements of the stroke: drive, recovery, catch, and finish; oar handling; etc. The general learning curve is comparable to any rower and participants experience the same thrill at discovering our sport.

Individuals delivering para rowing programs do much of the ‘adapting’ of the sport through modifications to equipment, coaching techniques and program structure.

If you are interested in para rowing at the ORC email

Annual Fee

  • Seasonal Program

The program fee does not include HST.  The program fee does not include Rowing Canada and RowOntario association fee of $52.87, which must be paid when registering. Program fees do not include expenses associated with regatta participation, such as entry fees, travel and trailering fees.  Regatta expenses are in addition to the program fee.