Full Members

Title Price
Competitive $1068
Competitive (Summer) $701
Competitive (Fall) $412
Cox $0
Recreational $756
Master $756
Para $756

Seasonal Programs

Title Price
Recreational (fall) $364
Recreational (summer) $466
Junior A U19, B U17, C U15 (summer) $506
Junior A U19, B U17, C U15 (fall) $406
Guest (one month) $231
University $412
High School AM (spring) $272
High School Development PM (spring) $272
Adult Rowing League $261
Learn to Row $221
Junior Learn to Row (Summer) $244
Summer Youth Crew Day Program $244
Rackage $365
10 Row Drop In Pass $205

Program fees do not include HST.  Program fees do not include Rowing Canada and RowOntario association fees, which must be paid when registering for the first time. Program fees do not include expenses associated with regatta participation, such as entry fees, travel and trailering fees.  Regatta expenses are in addition to the program fee.