The Ottawa Rowing Club (ORC) is a not-for-profit sports organization established in1867 providing rowing instruction for participants of all ages. The ORC is comprised of a volunteer Executive Committee, volunteers, and paid employees. From April to November, the ORC operates from its two boathouses on theOttawa River. In the winter off-season, the ORC membership trains at a local indoor satellite location.
Our mission is to provide athletic opportunities through competitive and recreational rowing leading to personal success, increased fitness, and community building in the national capital region. We value excellence, health and fitness, responsibility, teamwork, commitment, and respect.
The ORC provides coaching to rowers in competitive and recreational programs, as well as, introductory programs, Learn-to-Row, Summer Camps and the Adult Rowing League. In spring and fall, local high schools and universities train and race out of the ORC.
The Ottawa Rowing Club is seeking individuals to join the ORC’s Executive Committee in the following positions;

  • Treasurer
  • VP Administration
  • VP Competitive

The primary role of the Executive Committee is to govern by providing leadership and direction in pursuit of the ORC vision and mission. The Executive Committee is elected by the membership of the ORC.
The ORC Executive follows the principles of sound governance endorsed by Sport Canada:

  • Recognizing high standards of ethical behaviour as core principle in all governance activities Demonstrating commitment to the ORC’s mission, vision, values and long term planning;
  • Promoting clarity of roles and responsibilities within the ORC’s governance structure;
  • Providing continuity for ORC by ensuring financial health and appropriate human resources; and
  • Being transparent and accountable to members and others.

Individuals who wish to volunteer their time to a positive, rewarding, motivating, inspiring sport community should consider submitting their name to the ORC. We welcome and love to have more people join us in making a difference.
The general role of the ORC Executive Committee is to:

  • Maintain authority over, and responsibility for, the systems and structures employed by the ORC to direct and manage its general operations;
  • Oversee the development of strategies, plans and policies that guide the ORC and provide directions to volunteers and staff;
  • Ensure that there are sufficient and appropriate human and financial resources for the ORC to accomplish its work;
  • Fulfill all legal requirements that pertain to the ORC and it’s Directors;
  • Remain attentive to the changing needs of the ORC’s membership and stakeholders;
  • Operate as a unified body, speaking with one voice through formal motions adopted at meetings.

Ideal candidates for Executive positions shall have:

  • Experience serving on Not-for-Profit Board of Directors;
  • A specific skill set or expertise that would be of benefit to the ORC;
  • Knowledge of ORC programs and events is an asset but not required. So long as you’re willing to learn, we want you!
  • Ability to commit to Executive meetings which are held one night per month and last approximately 2 hours per meeting;
  • Ability to commit approximately 4-6 hours each month to support the work of the Executive Committee and ORC staff.

These volunteer positions are for a two year term.
Interested candidates are asked to send an email to the ORC Secretary at by no later than Thursday, February 4, 2021, which includes:

  • Candidate name;
  • Candidate contact information;
  • Brief summary of candidate’s experience in the sport community at the local, provincial, national or international level, if any;
  • A brief summary of candidate’s experience with volunteer community organizations, if any;
  • Additional candidate skills or competencies that would contribute to the effective leadership and governance of the Ottawa Rowing Club.

Candidates will be presented to the ORC membership at the Annual General ZOOM Meeting on Thursday February 25, 2021 when elections take place.
Thank you for volunteering your time with the ORC– we value your contribution!