ORC Strategic Plan Member & Community Survey  —   until December 5th

We want to hear from you! 
Ottawa Rowing Club is developing a Strategic Plan that will cover the next 3-5 years. The first step is to gather all the best ideas and insights of our current membership and our alumni. If you have been involved with the ORC in any capacity the past five or so years, please respond to this online survey. The survey is anonymous, with the option of providing your name and contact information at the end. The results will inform further engagement, potentially involving a virtual Town Hall, and be the basis for a Strategic Plan that will inform decision making at the ORC.
We are asking two questions in response to five topics.
The two questions are:

  • “What does the ORC do well now?”
  • “What does the ORC need to improve on, and how?”

The five topics are:

  • Community Relationships
  • Inclusivity
  • Financial and Environmental Sustainability
  • Building Leaders
  • Safe Sport

Please take the time to fill out the survey, and stay tuned for announcements!
SURVEY: https://bit.ly/2020-orc-strat-survey

Deadline for responses is December 5, 2020.