Our dock removal and club closing will take place on Saturday, November 10, beginning at 8am.  This is a giant task that requires help from many.  Please make yourself available that morning to contribute.

Jobs that day are assigned:

Peter Thompson, Stewart Taylor, Greg Brown, and Junior Men

  • Dismantle, remove, stack docks,
  • Clean up grounds,
    • Move tables and chairs stored outside into old boathouse, upstairs,
    • Empty blue bins and move under old and new boathouse outside stairs,
    • Move and stack traffic cones under old and new boathouse outside stairs,
    • Remove dock lights.

Junior Women & Andrew Thompson

  • Dismantle boat repair shed,
  • Bring coach boat contents and safety equipment to second floor,
  • Hang safety vests on clothesline,
  • Move equipment from garden shed inside at the back of old boathouse,

Paul Hawksworth and University Men and Women

  • Move boats inside
    • Derig all boats stored outside,
    • Derig 3 8+s on top racks inside,
    • Derig all 4x & 4+ stored inside,
    • Move outside 2x & 1x upstairs,
    • Double rack all 4+, 4x,
    • Double rack 8+s on top racks
    • Derig all indoor 1x
    • Bring all riggers upstairs
  • Storage in boathouse bays

Melissa McKenzie

  • Oversee packing up office


  • Equipment inventory
    • Boats,
    • Riggers,
    • Blades,
    • Safety kits,
    • Suits & life jackets,
    • Boat ladders,
    • Check safety boat lights working,
    • Count batteries and chargers, etc
  • Clean out change room lockers in both boathouses
  • Sort lost and found
  • Office cleanup

Please remember:

  • Bring warm clothes and your work gloves
  • Bring water
  • There will be no parking in the lower parking lot