ORC Winter Training

The Ottawa Rowing Club will return to the Taggart Family YMCA (180 Argyle Ave) for 2018/2019 winter ORC member training. You can find info about the Taggart Y here.

The Taggart YMCA is offering a 6 month pass (this pass is available to ORC members only) beginning November 12, 2018 and ending May 12, 2019. The price for the 6 month pass is $296.62 (including HST). This price includes towel service, access to the ORC erg room, the Y conditioning floor, pool and drop in fitness classes (including spinning). Speciality fitness classes are extra.

To register, go to the Taggart Family Y any day of the week between 9am and 7pm and ask for Lourdes or Natasha with membership services. You can also contact natasha.artelle@ymcaywca.ca to set up a time to register.

There is no pro-rating available with the pass. The pass is non transferable and non refundable.

Please contact your program lead coach for scheduled winter training times in the ORC erg room at the Y.

Dock Removal and Club Closing on November 10

Our dock removal and club closing will take place on Saturday, November 10, beginning at 8am.  This is a giant task that requires help from many.  Please make yourself available that morning to contribute.

Jobs that day are assigned:

Peter Thompson, Stewart Taylor, Greg Brown, and Junior Men

  • Dismantle, remove, stack docks,
  • Clean up grounds,
    • Move tables and chairs stored outside into old boathouse, upstairs,
    • Empty blue bins and move under old and new boathouse outside stairs,
    • Move and stack traffic cones under old and new boathouse outside stairs,
    • Remove dock lights.

Junior Women & Andrew Thompson

  • Dismantle boat repair shed,
  • Bring coach boat contents and safety equipment to second floor,
  • Hang safety vests on clothesline,
  • Move equipment from garden shed inside at the back of old boathouse,

Paul Hawksworth and University Men and Women

  • Move boats inside
    • Derig all boats stored outside,
    • Derig 3 8+s on top racks inside,
    • Derig all 4x & 4+ stored inside,
    • Move outside 2x & 1x upstairs,
    • Double rack all 4+, 4x,
    • Double rack 8+s on top racks
    • Derig all indoor 1x
    • Bring all riggers upstairs
  • Storage in boathouse bays

Melissa McKenzie

  • Oversee packing up office


  • Equipment inventory
    • Boats,
    • Riggers,
    • Blades,
    • Safety kits,
    • Suits & life jackets,
    • Boat ladders,
    • Check safety boat lights working,
    • Count batteries and chargers, etc
  • Clean out change room lockers in both boathouses
  • Sort lost and found
  • Office cleanup

Please remember:

  • Bring warm clothes and your work gloves
  • Bring water
  • There will be no parking in the lower parking lot

Fall Hours Start Oct 18 and Water Access Off Oct 19

The City will be turning our water off earlier than expected due to dropping temperatures.  Our water will be turned off on Friday, October 19 at 8am.  So no running water after this time and only access to portable toilets.  If you plan to row, come with a full water bottle.  Do NOT use the indoor toilets – only the portable toilets.
We are moving to our fall hours at the club as of Thursday, October 18.  The boathouses will be open for early morning practice, close at 8am and then re-open at 2pm until 8pm on weekdays.  Saturday and Sunday hours will be 7am to 12pm starting October 20.
Further updates will be posted about docks removal, club closing, cold water rules and winter training as they come available.

Important Safety Reminder: ORC Parking Lot & Lady Grey Drive

We want to remind all of our members of the following important safety points:

  • if you are walking or riding your bike in the dark, please put lights on!  It makes it really difficult for others, especially drivers to see you if you are without lights.  Be safe and use personal and bike lights to make yourself visible.
  • take extra care in the ORC parking lot.  It’s not a big space and it’s busy in the early mornings, evening and weekends.  Please take extra care and slow down whether you’re driving or riding a bike.  If driving, park in designated parking spots and leave enough space for other vehicles to get in and out.  DO NOT park in front of the large garbage bin.  If you’re biking slow down when coming in to the parking lot (don’t fly down the hill) and dismount from your bike at the red gate near the old boathouse.  Walk your bike to a bike rack.
  • take extra care when entering and existing the ORC laneway (whether you are on bike, in car, or walking).  Lady Grey Drive may be a small street but there is vehicle traffic and large truck traffic going to and from the Mint.  We need to share the road with others.  Stop at the top of our laneway and look both ways before moving onto Lady Grey.  Same applies when coming down the bike path to cross Lady Grey to the ORC entrance.  It is your responsibility to stop and look before moving onto Lady Grey Drive.  Please do not block or walk or bike in the centre of Lady Grey Drive.  Stay to one side.
  • cold water rules are not yet in effect.  When they do take effect (when the water temp is 10C or less) we will send a note out and post notice on our website.  A red and blue flag will hang outside the second, larger boathouse.
  • personal lights and whistles are required on the water.  Wear one.  Lights can be purchased in the office for $15 (cash or cheque).
  • don’t be a hero and think you won’t get cold and/or wet.  Dress for the conditions.  Wear extra layers and bring a change of clothes with you to practice.

Be smart when it comes your safety and the safety of others please.  Our priority is to have a successful, fun, safe fall season for all, on the water and off.  Thank you for your help!