Head of Rideau Results

Results from Head of the Rideau Regatta can be found here.  Thank you to all of the crews and clubs that participated this year and a huge thanks and shout out to our volunteer team who made the day possible. #bestvolunteersever!

Photos of the day can be found here.  Thank you to ORC volunteer, Steve Mihorean, for the amazing photos.

What a great day of racing!


Start your Tuesday with yoga at the ORC!

Start your Tuesday with yoga at the ORC!

Very generously, junior rower parent and yoga instructor, Caroline Elson, has offered to deliver a yoga class on Tuesday mornings in the ORC boathouse. This yoga class is open to members of the ORC who may not be rowing in the early mornings and to the many parents that drop off their rowers in the morning for practice and wait in their cars (you AMAZING parents!). Details are below from Caroline…

I am Caroline Elson, an avid and experienced Yoga instructor and a new mom to rowing. As I now find myself at the club at early mornings, I believe it is a perfect time for yoga; I am wondering if would like to join me for a morning yoga class on Tuesdays at 5:45-6:45am in the new boathouse?

I teach in the hatha tradition- vinyasa style. The class will accommodate all levels and focus on core strength and stretching.

Class will be in drop in format, with donations for the class going to the rowing club. Suggested donation 15$

Registration and liability forms will be signed for first time drop in.

Imagine starting your day feeling stretched and relaxed at the river!

So, pack up your yoga mat and leave it at the front door, ready for Tuesday mornings. We’ll see you at 5:45am.

Huge THANKS to Caroline for getting us ready to greet a new day.

Make History! Add Your Name to a New Hudson 8+

Make history with the ORC! We’re 150 years old this year and we’re marking the occasion with a brand new Hudson Super Predator 8+! This isn’t any 8+…it’s the Kinoje, sleek and fast like the Northern Pike that makes the Ottawa River its home.  Team Ontario will race it at the 2017 Canada Games, then the Kinoje will be added to the ORC’s fleet, making a huge difference to our athletes who train so hard and race to win.

Donate $20 or more and you can have your name added to the new 8+. Your name on the boat will be part of 150 years of history at the ORC, and you can bask in the gratitude of ORC athletes who will be able row fast.

Donate by clicking here!

2017 Head of the Rideau

With pleasure, the Ottawa Rowing Club invites you to participate in the 45th annual Head of the Rideau Regatta. The Ottawa Rowing Club is celebrating 150 years of rowing excellence Canada’s oldest rowing club, founded in 1867, the year of Canada’s confederation! The club’s first president was Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.

The Head of the Rideau Regatta is held annually on the last Sunday of September, on the picturesque Rideau River, winding 5.3 kilometres through the heart of the City of Ottawa. The course begins at Black Rapids and finishes at the Rideau Canoe Club site at Hog’s Back.

The 2017 Regatta Information Package is posted here.

Entries must be submitted using Regatta Central.

The Head of the Rideau (HOTR) is fast approaching on Sunday, September 24, 2017. This is the flagship head race for the ORC and is very popular with clubs from across Ontario, Quebec, and northern New York. The HOTR is a great day of racing, on a beautiful course, located right here in Ottawa at Mooney’s Bay and the Rideau River.

One of the reasons why The Rideau is so popular is the great work by our volunteers. That’s where you come in…Below are descriptions of volunteer positions. All rowers (including friends and family) are asked to consider giving some of their time to help make The Rideau a continued success.

There are multiple time slots available so you can both race and volunteer. High school students can also receive Volunteer Hours.

Some possible volunteer roles are:
On the water – along with one other person, you would be situated in a coach boat as a spotter at a particular point along the course to keep things moving smoothly and communicate any issues. This is also a great way to see the races and get to know fellow rowers. The driver requires a boater licence.

Food Bake Sale – while food trucks will be on-site, this position helps with a separate bake sale/snack table by donating baking, serving, taking requests, doing cash, and/or helping with set up/clean up. This is done with our parent volunteer co-ordinators.

Dock – ensuring that boats get on and off the docks smoothly is an important role and we are always looking for people who are able to communicate the need for efficiency to the rowers and also be able to deal with any last minute hiccups (missing blades, hot seating, equipment issues, etc).

Bow ball and shoe check – working at Control Commission through which all boats must pass, you are helping the Control Umpire check that bow balls are in place and that shoes are secure and tied down before boats proceed to the docks and launch.

Bow Marker Collection – making sure all bow markers are collected at the dock immediately after the race.
Volunteer floaters – helping as needed and filling in if volunteers cannot show or have a conflict.

Umpires – this is a trained position, but please indicate if you are interested in joining our umpire ranks.

Please express your interest by emailing the following to melissa@ottawarowingclub.com :
Name,  Cell,  E-mail,  Position(s) in which you are interested,  Time slot in which you are interested (A, B, and C):

 A) Races 1-2, 7:30-11:30; B) Races 3-4, 11:30-14:30; C) Races 5-6, 14:30-17:30

We all benefit from a successful regatta and your help is much appreciated.

Thank you!